Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chocolate Panna Cotta

Italian Food:How To Make Chocolate Panna Cotta


400ml cream
200ml milk
40g sugar
a pinch of salt
120g GF dark chocolate, chopped
3 half gelatin sheets or 14g of gelatin powder


1 saucepan
1 whisk
1 small bowl of cold water
6 lightly oiled moulds


Heat the basic ingredients
Pour the cream into the saucepan, add the milk, sugar and salt and warm on a medium heat.

Combine the chocolate
Before the mixture boils, add the chocolate, turn the heat off and whisk thoroughly. When well combined, remove the pan from the heat

Melt the gelatin
Put the gelatin sheets into a bowl of cold water and leave for approximately 1 minute.
When soft, remove and squeeze out excess water.
Add the gelatin to the chocolate mixture and whisk well.

Pour into moulds
Put the moulds onto a tray and fill each one nearly to the top with the chocolate mixture.

Put the panna cotta in the fridge and leave overnight to chill.

Remove from the moulds and serve
Run a knife around the inside of each mould and dip in warm water to help release them.
Drop them onto a serving plate, drizzle over some raspberry sauce.

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